Salesforce Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins Training

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Salesforce Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins training lays emphasis on how to use Salesforce to meet the business needs. Participants will develop knowledge on the business process execution issues; their automation and troubleshooting. This Salesforce advance admin training also explains the concepts and provides hands-on exposure on how to use analytics, improve data quality, and streamline requests with approval process. The methods of improving productivity with visual workforce are also discussed.

By the end of this training, you will be proficient in the following:

  • Determine the effective way of using Sandbox for implementing change management
  • Manage visibility settings and appropriate data access
  • Build custom objects, establish relationship between them and use them in the Salesforce applications
  • Extend analytical skills, categorize report data, create custom reports and prpare summarizes in reports and dashboards
  • Improve data quality by accessing, cleansing, and enriching data
  • Automate and troubleshoot business process execution issues
  • Simplify business process by streamlining requests, approval processes, and visual workflow
Target audience

Salesforce Administrators who are willing to extend their learning on Salesforce administration potential are the ideal candidates for this training.

  • Administrators who have completed training on Administration Essentials for New Admins: EE or UE Editions (ADM201) OR/AND
  • Administrators with at least six months experience in managing Salesforce administration

Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM211)

1. Troubleshoot Record Access and Field Visibility

  • Troubleshooting Record Access
  • Understanding the Impact of Territory Management on the Sharing Model
  • Managing Field Visibility

2. Change Management

  • Managing Changes in a Sandbox
  • Deploying Changes Using Change Sets

3. Extend Salesforce with Custom Objects and Apps

  • Building Custom Objects, Tabs, and Apps
  • Creating Relationships Between Objects
  • Using Delegated Administration

4. Extend Analytics

  • Creating Custom Report Types
  • Building Exception Reports with Cross Filters
  • Categorizing Report Data with Bucketing
  • Extending Summaries in Reports and Dashboards
  • Displaying Multiple Views of Data Using Joined Reports
  • Analyzing Data Over Time with Analytic Snapshots

5. Increase Efficiency with Salesforce1 and Publisher Actions

  • Customizing the Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Creating Object Specific Publisher Actions
  • Creating Global Publisher Actions

6. Improve Data Quality

  • Assessing, Cleansing, and Maintaining Data Quality
  • Merging Duplicate Records
  • Cleaning and Enriching Data with

7. Automate Complex Business Processes

  • Creating Formulas and Workflow Rules to Enforce Business Processes
  • Troubleshooting Business Process Execution Issues
  • Understanding When Business Process Automation Must Be Extended Using Programmatic Means

8. Streamline Requests with Approval Processes

  • Managing Approval Processes
  • Troubleshooting Approval Processes

9. Increase Productivity with Visual Workflow

  • Understanding Use Cases for Visual Workflow
  • Building and Deploying a Flow

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