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Adobe Flash training course provides guidance for creating animation, vector graphics, games and interactive content for web. Participants can use the Flash skills for creating games/presentations/multimedia applications that can run across all the browsers and mobile devices to provide impressive web experience. The learning curve encompasses the practical exposure on the use of frames, shape and motion tweening, masking, movie clips, sound, and integration with other softwares.

By the end of the training you will inculcate the following skillset:

  • Create animations by getting clear understanding on movie properties, frames, and frame rates
  • Use shape tweening to depict visual effects by changing the shapes from one form to another over time
  • Use motion tween  to showcase animation of motion  of an object.
  • Use masking to divide an object into layers
  • Integrate audio and video to create animation
  • Use action scripting to develop animation for web and control playback of swf at runtime
  • Integrate animated clips with other graphics and multimedia designing softwares
Target audience
  • Web designers/developer
  • Multimedia application developers
  • Games developers
  • e-learning solution providers
  • Mobile developers to create apps
  • Professionals working in creative fields

While there is no prerequisite for this training program, however, the candidates having strong interest in developing the animations and multimedia applications can undergo this training.

1. Introduction

  • Introduction
  • File types
  • Bitmaps vs. Vectors

2. The interface

  • The interface

3. Drawing and color

  • Drawing with the pencil
  • Modifying lines
  • Drawing with the pen
  • The oval and rectangle tools
  • Free transform tool
  • Envelope modifier
  • The brush tool
  • Using the mixer
  • Adding custom colors to color palette
  • Importing color palettes
  • Working with multiple objects
  • Grouping objects

4. Animation basics

  • The timeline
  • Movie properties
  • Frames vs. Keyframes
  • Deleting, copying, and reversing frames
  • The frame rate
  • Testing movies

5. Frame-by-frame animation

  • Frame-by-frame vector animation

6. Shape tweening

  • Shape tweening
  • Shape hinting
  • Shape tweening text
  • Edit multiple frames
  • Animating gradients

7. Libraries, symbols, and instances

  • Creating graphic symbols
  • Alternate methods to create symbols
  • Editing symbols
  • Editing symbol instances
  • Working with the library

8. Motion tweening

  • Basic motion tweening
  • Tweening effects
  • Edit multiple frames
  • Motion guides
  • Motion guide extras
  • Motion tweening text

9. Masking

  • Masking
  • Animated masks

10. Type

  • Text fields overview
  • Character panel
  • Paragraph options
  • Text fields explained
  • Device fonts
  • Scrolling text

11. Bitmaps

  • Importing and compressing
  • Bitmap sequence
  • Bitmap fills
  • Breaking apart bitmaps
  • Trace bitmap

12. Buttons

  • Button types
  • Basic button
  • Rollover button
  • Invisible button
  • Adding actionscripting to buttons

13. Movie clips

  • What are movie clips
  • Modifying movie clip instances
  • Animated rollover button
  • Animated masks using movie clips

14. Actionscripting basics

  • Actions window
  • Time-based vs user-based actions
  • Stop and play
  • Stop on frame
  • Slide show
  • Geturl
  • Creating a popup menu
  • Controlling movie clips (with)
  • What are scenes
  • What are preloaders
  • Building a simple preloader
  • Preloader resources
  • What is loadmovie
  • Loading a .swf
  • Loading a .jpg

15. Sound

  • Importing sounds
  • The sound panel
  • Music on/off button
  • Buttons with sounds

16. Publishing

  • Publishing content
  • Creating a projector
  • Fs commands
  • The bandwidth profiler

17. Integration

  • Fireworks
  • Freehand
  • Dreamweaver
  • Video
  • Illustrator
  • Transparent bitmaps

18. Templates

  • Using the built-in templates

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