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Mobility iOS (iPhone) Training equips the participants with the skills to design, build, and publish the mobile applications. This mobile application developer course provides thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques related to mobile application development. The learners explore great opportunity for innovation in creating quality games and applications. Learning iOS programming guides about iPhone development paradigm, introduces different frameworks, and explain the ways to build many different user interfaces.

By the end of this i-phone training, the learners will inculcate the following skills:

  • Build and install iPhone applications
  • Use interface builder and UI Kit framework to design user interface and its elements.
  • Demonstrate event-handling
  • Use Quartz Core and Core Graphics to create and manage basic geometric structures, layers and transformations.
  • Use AVFoundation and Audio Toolbox framework to mix, record, and playback audio files.
  • Use CFNetwork framework to illustrate network programming.
  • Interact with iPhone’s GPS using Core Location Framework.
  • Maintain the address book and enable querying and displaying of contacts.
  • Work with application preferences and Cover Flow style album flipper.
  • Enable page flicking and display pages in different views.
  • Add movie players to the applications
Target audience
  • Software developers
  • Enterprise developers
  • Mobile application developers

Prior knowledge of writing applications for iPhone is required to undergo this training. The developers using C and C++ can also take this training.

Getting started with the iPhone SDK

Anatomy of an Application

  • Underneath Xcode

Installing the iPhone SDK

  • What You’ll Need
  • The iPhone Simulator
  • Downloading and Installing the iPhone SDK

Provisioning an iPhone

Building and Installing Applications

  • Model-View-Controller
  • Application Templates
  • Xcode Project Layout
  • Prototypes
  • Adding Frameworks
  • Setting the Active SDK
  • Building an Application
  • Installing an Application

Transitioning to Objective-C

  • Messaging
  • Class and Method Declarations
  • Implementation
  • Properties
  • Protocols
  • Categories
  • Posing
  • Additional Resources

Interface Builder: Xcode’s GUI for GUIs

Windows, Views, and View Controllers

Existing Templates

  • New Templates

User Interface Elements

  • Controllers
  • Data Views
  • Inputs and Values
  • Windows, Views, and Bars

The Inspector

Designing a UI

  • The Window
  • The View Controller
  • Views
  • Connecting the Views
  • Adding Linkage to Code

Removing Interface Builder from a Project

Introduction to UI Kit

Basic User Interface Elements

Windows and Views

  • Creating a Window and View
  • Displaying the View
  • HelloView: Most Useless Application Ever
  • What’s Going On
  • Deriving from UIView
  • HelloWorld: The Traditionally Useless Application
  • What’s Going On

View Controllers

  • Creating a View Controller
  • Loading from Interface Builder
  • Orientation Changes
  • Disposing of a View Controller
  • ControllerDemo: Hello World, View Controller Style
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Text Views

  • Creating a Text View
  • Assigning Content
  • Displaying HTML
  • Source Reader: Web Page Source Code Reader
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Navigation Bars and Controllers

  • Creating a Navigation Controller
  • Navigation Controller Properties
  • Adding a Segmented Control
  • Adding a Toolbar
  • Page Demo: Page Navigation Exercise
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Transition Animations

  • Creating a Transition
  • Attaching a Transition
  • FlipDemo: Page-Flipping Transitions
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Action Sheets and Alerts

  • Alerts
  • Action Sheets
  • Dismissing an Action Sheet
  • End World: Ending the World (with Confirmation)
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Table Views and Controllers

  • Creating the Table
  • Table Cells
  • Implementing Multiple Select
  • Editing and Swipe-to-Delete
  • Reloading Tables
  • TableDemo: Simple File Browser
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Status Bar Manipulation

  • Hiding the Status Bar
  • Status Bar Style
  • Status Bar Orientation

Application Badges

  • Displaying an Application Badge
  • Removing an Application Badge
  • Further Study

Application Services

  • Suspending and Resuming
  • Program Termination

Invoking Safari

Initiating Phone Calls

Multi-Touch Events and Geometry

Introduction to Geometric Structures

  • CGPoint
  • CGSize
  • CGRect

Multi-Touch Events Handling

  • UITouch Notifications
  • UIEvent
  • Events Handling
  • Example: Tap Counter
  • Example: Tap and Drag
  • Processing Multi-Touch
  • PinchMe: Pinch Tracking
  • TouchDemo: Multi-Touch Icon Tracking
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Layer Programming with Quartz Core

Understanding Layers

  • Layer Hierarchies
  • Size and Offset
  • Arrangement and Display
  • Rendering
  • Transformations
  • Layer Animations
  • Layer Transformations
  • BounceDemo: Layer Fun
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Making a Racket: Audio Toolbox and AVFoundation

AVFoundation Framework

  • The Audio Player
  • Player Properties
  • Playing Sounds
  • Delegate Methods
  • Metering

AVMeter: Build a VU Meter

  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Audio Services

  • What’s Going On

Audio Queues

  • Audio Queue Structure
  • Provisioning Audio Output
  • Sound Buffers
  • Callback Function
  • Volume Control
  • Example: PCM Player
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Recording Sound

  • Audio Queue Structure
  • Provisioning Audio Input
  • Sound Buffers
  • Callback Function
  • Accessing Raw Data
  • Writing to a File
  • Example: Sound Recorder
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study


Network Programming with CFNetwork

Basic Sockets Programming

  • Socket Types
  • CFSocket
  • CFSocketContext
  • Socket Streams
  • CFSocket Example: Joke Server
  • Further Study


  • Further Study

Getting a Fix: Core Location

The Core Location Manager

  • Query Parameters
  • Issuing a Query
  • Receiving Updates
  • Completing a Query
  • Error Handling
  • WhereYouAt: Redneck Core Location
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Address Book Frameworks

Address Book Access

  • Top-Level Address Book Functions
  • Querying the Address Book
  • Creating Records
  • Working with Records
  • Multivalue Properties
  • Working with Dictionaries
  • Image Data
  • Further Study

Address Book UI

  • Person Views
  • People Pickers
  • Further Study

Advanced UI Kit Design

Common Controls

  • The UIControl Base Class
  • Segmented Controls
  • Switches
  • Sliders
  • Text Field Controls
  • Buttons
  • Page Controls
  • Further Study

Preferences Tables

  • Creating a Preferences Table
  • Displaying the Preferences Table
  • ShootStuffUp: Preferences Table Example
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Section Lists

  • Creating the Section List
  • Adding an Index Bar
  • Displaying the Section List
  • TableDemo: A Better File Browser
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Progress and Activity Indicators

  • UIActivityIndicatorView: Things That Spin
  • UIProgressView: When Spinny Things Are Tacky
  • Network Activity Indicators
  • Further Study


  • The Image Object
  • ImageFun: Fun with Images and Patterns
  • UIImageView: An Image with a View
  • Image Pickers

Keyboard Properties

  • Keyboard Style
  • Keyboard Appearance
  • Return Key
  • Autocapitalization
  • Autocorrection
  • Secure Text Entry


  • Creating a Picker
  • Displaying the Picker
  • Reading the Picker
  • NosePicker: Picking Your Nose
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Date/Time Pickers

  • Creating the Date/Time Picker
  • Displaying the Date Picker
  • Reading the Date
  • DatePicker: Independence Day Picker
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Tab Bars

  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Building a Tab Bar Controller
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Navigation
  • Delegate Actions
  • Tab Demo: Another Textbook Approach
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Sensors and Device Information

  • Reading the Orientation
  • Reading Device Information
  • Reading the Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Further Study

Scroll Views

  • Creating the Scroll View Properties
  • Delegate Methods
  • Big Image: Scrolling a Weather Map
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Web Views

  • Creating the Web View
  • Displaying the Web View
  • Loading Content
  • Navigation
  • Delegate Methods
  • WebDemo: Google Search Utility
  • What’s Going On
  • Further Study

Application Settings

Dictionaries and Property Lists

  • Creating a Dictionary
  • Managing Keys
  • Writing Property Lists
  • Reading Property Lists
  • Further Study

Preference Bundles

  • Adding Keys
  • Reading Preference Bundle Values
  • Further Study

Cover Flow

Covert Flow: SDK Cover Flow Programming

  • What’s Going On?
  • Further Study

Page Flicking

Page Control: Page Flicking Example

  • What’s Going On?
  • Further Study

A Page Scroll View for Many Views

  • What’s Going On?

Media Player Framework

Movie Player Controllers

  • Properties
  • Starting and Stopping the Movie
  • Notifications
  • Further Study


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