Instructor-led Online Training

The current scenario requires that you save much of your time while staying abreast with the latest market trends. Xpert Group’s Instructor-led Online/Virtual Training is one of the most workable solutions for individuals who wish to save on travelling time and expense; and get trained from the comfort of their home. This training type allows you to study via Internet from any remote location, where the trainer and student interact live through a virtual learning platform.

The learners can seamlessly listen to and communicate with the trainer; raise queries; see what’s happening on the whiteboard; and read through the course contents the trainer shares on the screen. Moreover, the sessions can be recorded for future reference.

Highlights of Instructor-led Online Training

  • Use of Cisco WebEx that facilitates live interaction between student and trainer
  • No compromise on work-life balance with the option of scheduling weekend batches
  • Access to the Learning Management Software (LMS) that consists of study material, training videos, sample assessments, mock tests etc.
  • Huge reduction in cost with no travel expenses