Oracle Peoplesoft HRMS

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This course serves as a prerequisite for other PeopleSoft HRMS application classes and covers the central concepts behind PeopleSoft applications. It will teach you the key concepts within PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.

Peoplesoft HRMS (Detailed Curriculum)

Module 1: Navigating Through the PeopleSoft System

Describing Elements of Components
Retrieving Data Through the Search Page
Viewing and Updating Data Within a Record
Assigning and Organizing Favorites
Using PeopleBooks Online Help

Module 2: Understanding the System Structure

Explaining PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
Describing the Structure of PeopleSoft Tables and Relational Databases
Explaining Effective Dating
Describing Action Types

Module 3: Working With Tables

Identifying Types of PeopleSoft Tables
Describing Characteristics of the Translate Table
Identifying Processing and Defaulting Tables
Describing Characteristics of Control Tables
Describing Characteristics of Transaction Tables
Describing Business Units
Explaining the Relationship Between Business Units and SetIDs

Module 4:Running Human Resources Processes and Reports

Processing and Viewing a Human Resources Report
Explaining the Purpose of the Employees Table

Module 5: Using Group Build

Defining Group Build
Creating a Group
Setting Up Group Security
Viewing and Using Groups

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