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PeopleTools I introduces the PeopleSoft application development methodology. This 5-day course gives you a general overview of PeopleSoft system architecture and the tool set used to develop new or customize existing PeopleSoft applications.

You'll also get hands-on experience with the PeopleSoft Application Designer by enrolling in this course. Learn to modify PeopleSoft definitions like fields, records, pages and components.

Peoplesoft Technical (Detailed Curriculum)

Module 1: Navigating PeopleSoft Applications

Using Search Pages
Identifying Definitions
Entering and Modifying Data
Enabling Type Ahead
Finding Information Using PeopleBooks

Module 2: Explaining PeopleSoft Architecture

Describing PeopleSoft Databases
Explaining Data Transfer in PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
Identifying Requirements for the Development Environment

Module 3: Organizing Data

Describing Relational Data Models
Normalizing Data
Reading Data Models

Module 4: Validating Data

Describing Prompt Tables
Using Effective Dating
Comparing Validation Types
Explaining Tableset Sharing

Module 5: Developing Applications by Using the Eight Steps

Describing the PeopleSoft Application Development Process
Describing the Application Designer Interface
Organizing Definitions in a Project

Module 6: Creating Record Definitions

Explaining Record Definitions
Accessing Record Definition Displays
Configuring Record Definition Properties
Configuring Record Field Use Properties
Configuring Record Field Edits Properties
Creating a Record Definition

Module 7: Creating Page Definitions

Identifying Page Design Principles
Identifying Page and Page Control Properties
Adding Page Controls to a Page
Creating Page Definitions
Implementing Scroll Areas and Grids

Module 8: Defining Components

Identifying Component Definition Basics
Defining Component Properties
Building New Components

Module 9: Registering Components

Explaining Component Registration
Examining Menu Definitions
Identifying PeopleSoft Security Basics
Navigating the Portal Registry
Registering a Component

Module 10: Editing the Registry Structure

Discussing Content Organization in PeopleTools Navigation
Creating Folders
Moving Folders or Content References to New Parent Folders
Deleting Folders

Module 11: Creating Menu Definitions

Describing the Purpose of a Menu
Locating a Component on a Menu
Editing Menu Item Labels
Creating Menu Definitions

Module 12: Searching Applications by Using the Verity Search Engine

Describing and Performing a Verity Search
Generating a Registry Search Collection
Adding Keywords to a Search Collection

Module 13: Importing and Exporting Projects

Describing How Projects Transport Definitions Between Databases
Exporting Projects
Importing Projects and Building Tables

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