In-Depth Learning Analysis

We at Xpert Group, complement your learning process by providing an unlimited pool of practice questions on vivid technologies powered by unmatched analytical reports at your fingertips. Identify your areas of improvement and maximize the return on the invested time is now made easy for you.

In-depth learning analytics facilitates, the career minded individuals and the professionals, to set benchmarks, incubate and successfully keep in pace with the rapidly growing industry demands.

The incredible features of the advanced diagnosis are:

Pool of module-wise assessments and mock tests
Statistical analysis, defining different factors affecting the performance
Graphical presentation of data
Detailed explanation of the questions
Progress tracking tools
All time accessible via internet
Works on different gadgets irrespective of operating system and screen sizes

Follow success through in-depth learning Analytical!

Time Management

Time Management, an exclusive diagnostic feature of the in-depth learning analytics, precisely detects all the need-to-know information on the skills, knowledge, and time management strategy tested in each mock test.

Key features of your personalized report will include:
  • Overall performance
  • Time per question
  • Comparison of the stipulated time and time taken
  • Variation of time investment depending upon the level of complexity of the questions
  • Skill level compared with other test takers

The potential learners can now set higher benchmarks by effectively utilizing the strategically saved time. Leap ahead with improved learning technique!

Pacing Analysis

Every second counts, as we are no longer in the industrial age. It’s time to break away the conventional methods of learning, and to adopt the effective learning approaches to keep in pace with the developments going around. The pacing analysis, reveals every minute detail of your time and accuracy. How long you focused on the questions, individually and collectively, all comes before you, once you submit the test. Wanna try! how you performed.

Just take a test and get amazed by the pacing analysis output.

Performance Analysis

Effective learning starts with right performance analysis. This robust feature will let you experience detailed assessment of the all the questions. With easy to use navigation, designed by experts, this learning tool compares and illustrates the difference between the right answer and a choice of options you made. Detailed explanation clubbed here helps in retaining the understanding for long-term. It's high time to take the benchmarks to new heights.

Start empowering yourself!

Score Analysis

Remember the old student days, when you have butterflies in our stomach one day before the result declaration. How much marks you had secured, where do you stand in class and other relevant questions keeps you puzzled all through. But now, all these questions are answered immediately, through score analysis, as and when you click the submit button on the test.

Leverage this functionality and check your knowledge on different courses for as long as you want!