Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 Training

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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 training imparts the skills to enforce best practices among the software development team by using Visual Studio. The training explains the ways to increase the team productivity by managing team collaboration. Participants will learn how to track the software development work progress at large scale and implement automation of workflow. TFS training also provides hands-on exposure on using the code quality tools.

On the successful completion of the training, you will hold the following capabilities:

  • Create and configure team projects
  • Create, customize, and track work items for team use
  • Administer TFS version control to shelve, branch, merge and custom differencing tools
  • Use the MSSCCI provider for managing backward compatibility
  • Manage code review process and use code quality tools
  • Use Code Clone Analysis to help reduce technical debt
  • Utilize Team Build for defining build workflow
  • Use Project Portal to store project documents and link them to Work Items
Target audience
  • Senior developers
  • Server administrators
  • Technical product managers
  • Professionals who manage software development under enterprises environment

Candidates having working knowledge of Visual Studio can undergo this training.


After being trained on above skills, to get official Microsoft certified you can attempt for exam 70-496

Course 20496: Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

1. Creating and configuring Team Projects

  • Creating Team Projects
  • Understanding Team Project Collections
  • Configuring permissions
  • Deleting Team Projects

2. Managing and tracking work using Work Items

  • Introduction to Work Items
  • Creating Work Items
  • Linking Work Items to provide traceability
  • Creating and using custom Work Item Queries

3. Effective use of TFS Version Control

  • Create source control folder structures
  • Setting team project wide source control settings
  • Setup and manage workspaces
  • Changesets and Shelving
  • Understanding branching and merging
  • Backward compatibility using the MSSCCI provider

4. Branching and Merging

  • Defining a branching strategy
  • How to branch
  • Branch visualization and tracking changes
  • Merging and resolving conflicts
  • Custom differencing tools

5. Unit Testing and Code Quality Tools

  • Unit Testing in Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Test Explorer
  • Code Metrics and Code Clone Analysis

6. Code Reviews

  • Requesting a code review
  • Responding to a request for code review
  • Providing code review feedback

7. Intellitrace

  • IntelliTrace debugging scenarios
  • Debugging with IntelliTrace
  • Collecting IntelliTrace information and Navigation with IntelliTrace

8. Build automation using Team Build

  • Understanding Build infrastructure
  • MSBuild vs Team Build
  • Creating build definitions
  • Understanding Build workflow
  • Monitoring Builds

9. Putting the Project Portal to best use

  • Using the Project Portal
  • Storing project documents in the Document library
  • Linking documents to Work Items

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